Sumatran Skulls Tow–In Team of Puri Asu Resort

Located on the beautiful Island of Asu, Sumatran Skulls Surf School offers private and group surfing lessons catering to all levels of surfing experience.

Sumatran Skulls Surf School is specialized in providing highly personalized attention to each individual’s surfing ability. Beyond simply going for an average surf, we actually focus on expanding your knowledge and understanding of the ocean using optimal human kinetics.

So you can better enjoy the experience of surfing and build more confidence — whether you surf your home break or an exotic surfing destination; our goal is to provide greater understanding of the ocean, reefs, waves and even the boards you ride.

Tow-in surfing was pioneered by Laird Hamilton, Buzzy Kerbox, Dave Kalama, and others in the mid 1990s.  A surfer is towed into a breaking wave by a partner driving a personal watercraft (PWC, commonly known by the brand name Jet Ski).

This method has demonstrated great advantage in situations where the wave is too large (such as Bawa, Southside of the arquipelago), or where positioning into the wave is extremely critical like (Heruanga – west off the archipelago, or even the slab Bommie. Hinakos Islands).

Tow-in surfing utilizes a personal water craft (PWC) and a tow-rope, combining that with a surfer. One person pulls the surfer out to the break on the PWC.

When the wave comes, the person on the PWC tows the surfer via the tow-rope into the wave. Once the surfer is in the wave, the rope is dropped.

The surfer is then on his own to surf some of the biggest waves known to man.

Our personalized training course is developed by Jorge Pacelli, Flavio Tavares and Rafael Tapia, all professional towsurfer’s, and is designed for individuals who are getting started in tow-surfing and/or want to improve on their skills. This course is for individuals who have a basic understanding of their physical range by knowing their abilities and their limitations. We will instruct each of you giving you the opportunity to train in safe yet challenging conditions.

The course will help you develop the following skills:

1.    Team work and communication

2.    Aggressive driving and towing techniques

3.    Quick pick-ups using the rescue sled and rope

4.    Sharpen your skills in towing your partner through the surf zone

5.    Time saving decision making and risk management

6.    Identifying resources for acting upon a rescue or assist situation

7.    Proper equipment management

8.    Vessel and rescue sled safety devices

By using our knowledge, experience, resources and technology, risk factors can be prevented and minimized.

Although this is not a certification course, it is an opportunity to train with one of our very knowledgeable and experienced watermen.

 We will also suggest the necessary and required items that you may need in case of an emergency.

Locations Available: Asu Island, Bawa Island, Heruanga Island and the Bommie

Available Spaces: 3 Students Max Per Day.

Cost: $300.00 Per Student (this cost covers the course plus 1 hour of being towed by one of our professional watermen).

  • One PWC per team, Rescue Sled, Vest, Rope/Handle etc.
  • Liquids and Food.
  • One small boat.
  • A photographer.

Jorge Pacelli, Flavio Tavares and Rafael Tapia are trained and experienced PWC operators and this course is perfect for anyone who is interested in learning the basics of tow-in surfing and the equipment needed. Remember, safety comes first.

Extreme Class

$200.00 for 1 hour which includes being towed by one of our professional Watermen.

It can be divided into 2 people per session.

This class is for veteran surfers who want to experience the tow-in sensation of big wave riding.

We will provide the following:

  • All necessary personal equipment
  • Jet ski's
  • Location Tour

Towing practice can be done from 3 feet up to 15 feet.

Please confirm by email the course availability during the date of your stay!

The photos above are in huge Swell days, normally the waves are 6 foot and easy to surf!

Note: Location will be decided depending on wave conditions.