1.What kind of visa do I need to visit Puri Asu Resort and what do I need to know?

Visitors wishing to stay for longer than 30 days in Indonesia should apply for a visa before departure, with the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate in their country of origin. This visa is valid for 60 days and may be extended in Indonesia.
IMPORTANT: Before leaving your country make sure you have a current yellow fever vaccination card. Also exchange local currency to US dollars before arriving at the immigration officials in Indonesia. The immigration officials prefer that you have the $25USD cash to pay the entry visa on arrival.
In most cases, when you arrive in your first port in Indonesia, you will be issued a 30-day travel visa which allows you to travel through any parts of the country.  The cost is $25USD and you usually pay shortly after disembarking the aircraft.  This process sounds simple enough, but there are many factors to consider depending on your travel plans and what country you are traveling from.
The first thing to consider when attaining a visa at the airport is that you must have at least 6 month validity/clearance on your passport past your initial arrival date.  So, for example, if you are planning a trip that begins June 1, 2014, your passport must be valid until at least December 1, 2014.  It is helpful if you can provide Puri Asu Resort with the following passport information in advance so we can check on this information for you, and also clear any necessary permits:

  • Full name as it appears on your passport
  • Passport number
  • Expiration date
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth

When you are issued with your visa and you clear customs, you will be issued with an immigration form that you MUST retain until your departure.  This is usually a small, green stub that the customs officers tear off for you, and has been innocently lost by countless travellers over the years.  The end result is a much longer time stuck in customs on the way home, and an additional fine.  So PLEASE try to hold on to it for your own sake.
The 30-day visa on arrival applies to most, but not all, countries. 

If you plan on staying MORE than 30 days, it’s advisable to consult your local embassy well in advance to determine whether or not you are eligible for a 60-day visa.
Typically, overstay visitors incur a penalty of $20usd/day for stays under 60 days, whilst stays over 60 days are subject to up to a 5 year prison sentence or fine of up to 25,000,000idr.  This of course is the worst case scenario which is likely to never happen, but the best case scenario is that you’re held up at the embassy and/or at the airport for a much longer time than anticipated and have to pay additional fines.  So, again, when in doubt it’s always best to check with your embassy.

2.What do I need to know about surfing at Puri-Asu Resort? Are There Good Waves For Intermediate Surfers?

Asu and Bawa are up to 4-5 feet and are very accessible to intermediate surfers.  The other waves (Salonako, Afulu, Bommie and Hamutala) can be surfed by intermediate up to 6 feet. For more information on Surf conditions, click here.

3.Do I need to bring cash to the Puri Asu Resort?

We accept cash payment by Indonesian Rupiah (local cash) and accept Visa & Master Card for final tab payment. Local cash is great to have for buying souvenirs from the locals. There is no ATM available once you arrive in Asu, so please withdraw cash from an ATM in Medan or Gnungsitoli before departing. The only money you will need is for extras at the resort such as snacks, bar drinks, and laundry.

4.How much will it cost for extras like souvenirs, laundry and drinks?  

There is a very affordable laundry service available and it is priced per item.
Bar – Cold Beers are available for 60,000 Rp. ($5.00 USD) for a Large Bintang Bottle and cold cans of Coke and Sprite are available for 25,000 Rp. ($2.00 USD). Guests are also welcome to bring their own duty free purchases.
All activity gear is available to guests free of charge!

5.What Are Payment Options?

Payment for Extras: Your tab can be paid at the completion of your trip using Visa or Master Card or in Indonesian Rupiah. There is no ATM available, please withdraw any money you might need from an ATM in Medan or Gnungsitoli before departing to Puri Asu Resort.

6.What is the climate and area around Asu like?

Puri Asu Resort is located in a very remote and pristine part of the world 1° north of the equator. The climate is tropical and the weather is hot and humid with rainfall occurring all year.

7.What kind of equipment is available for guests to use?

Snorkelling: There are sets of fins and masks for guest use free of charge.
Stand Up Paddling: There are two stand up paddle boards with paddles available for guests at any time.
Fishing: Two quality spear guns, fins, masks and spear knifes are available to guests. Rods and tackle are available as well for trolling off the power boats.
Jungle Walks: Walking through the jungle on the island is an adventure. Home to beautiful and unique wildlife, friendly local people and beautiful plants and foliage.

8.When Is The Best Time To Visit?

Traditionally, April 01 through to November 30 is regarded as the best time to surf Asu and others spots in the area.

9.How do we get to the resort?

Guests arrive at Medan International Airport (KNO) Sumatra. Guests then fly 50 minutes to Nias Island Gunungsitoli, Binaka Airport (GNS). Our driver picks guests up at the airport and drives across Nias Island (2 hours of beautiful tropical scenery) to Sirombu Harbor. Our speedboat takes guests from harbour to Asu Island in 30 minutes.
If we arrive before departure day, can you arrange a Hotel in Medan or Gnungsitoli?
Yes! We can arrange all the logistics needed. We can reserve a hotel room for you and payment is taken when you arrive. Transport from the airport will be included and provided by the hotel. If you require an over-night stay in Medan, we highly recommend DANAUTOBA HOTEL which is where guests meet on the trip commencement date and in Gnungsitoli we recommend NASIONAL HOTEL. We can provide you with all the details.

10.Is there Emergency Evacuation available?

Emergency evacuation to Medan can be arranged by speedboat/car/airplane (if weather conditions permit), or by police helicopter (if available – must be arranged by travel insurance company).
Emergency Evacuation is not included with guest reservations and must be organized by a 3rd party insurance provider. All guests of Puri Asu Resort must have medical evacuation coverage, as agreed in the terms and conditions of booking.
In the case of a medical emergency, resort management will assist in contacting your travel insurance company to arrange emergency evacuation. Puri Asu Resort is not held responsible for emergency evacuation availability or costs and this is agreed upon by all guests in the terms of conditions which all guests must agree to before visiting the resort.
Thank you for your understanding and please view the Travel Insurance page for more details.

11.What about Malaria?

Over the last 10 years there has been no case of Malaria in Asu Island. Regardless of that, every guest must avoid mosquito bites by using repellent or clothing coverage.

12.Should I bring a First-aid kit or medical supplies?

Yes! We do have medical supplies and a first aid kit, but we strongly recommend that guests bring their own as well, as they are in high demand and certain supplies can deplete quickly, so having a personal stash is well worth it. At the least, we recommend the usual reef cut kit such as an antiseptic to clean cuts, ointment to apply to them as they heal and whatever types of bandage you like (gauze & tape, Band-Aids, etc.). We also suggest guests bring a course of antibiotics in case of infection.

13.How fit do I need to be?

Get Fit! Make sure you’re at your best to surf these waves. Surfing is a sport of extreme skill and you need to feel safe to surf here. Puri Asu Resort, along with our local operators, agents and owners take no responsibility for any surfer.