The only full dive center in Nias.

Puri Asu Resort offers the only full dive centre in Nias.

One of the aspects that sets Puri Asu Resort apart from all other resorts in the area is its focus on diving. Puri Asu Resort has the only full dive centre in Nias which enables our guests to explore all aspects of diving including scuba, snorkelling, and free diving.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the reefs directly in front of the resort, or you’re interested in swimming with black tips, rays and barracudas – Puri Asu can offer you this. We can take you up to 40 meters below the surface.

Our location was specifically chosen for its close proximity to the best scuba and free diving zones on the island. Much of this area has gone undiscovered by the dive world, and you will almost certainly be exploring the depths with only other guests from Puri Asu Resort. We’ve chartered some amazing spots and seen some amazing sights, such as the stunning topography.

The Puri Asu Resort Dive Centre has everything anyone could need for underwater activities, from the beginning snorkeler to the avid scuba diver.

Boat Diving

Because of our very fortunate location there’s a wide range of superb dive sites within reach of our dive boat. We have more than 10 sites that we regularly dive, all accessible by a short boat ride. Boat rides range from 5 minutes up to a maximum of 30 minutes away.

Prior to each scheduled dive boat departure, there will be a briefing at the resort by your guide. A sketch of the dive objective is displayed, and a dive plan rehearsed. Known marine inhabitants and their locations are explained, along with specific advice for photographers. Boat dives always have trained guides to locate and point out marine life and/or assist divers as needed.

Abundant and Diverse Marine Life

Puri Asu Resort will have the greatest opportunity to see the greatest variety and diversity of marine life. While diving at Puri Asu Resort, you’ll not only see beautiful vistas or pristine coral reefs, but also abundant colorful reef fish, rays, shark’s…

Snorkeler Paradise at Asu

You don’t need to be a professional diver to enjoy the wonders of Asu island – you can simply snorkel!

Puri Asu Resort is renowned for its vibrant reefs, diverse and abundant sea life and spectacular setting. But you don’t have to strap on a tank or even be a scuba diver to experience the wonders of this undersea Eden. With the world’s most pristine house reef laying in shallow water only a few metres swim from the beach, the waters are perfect for snorkelers as well. Our reef territory provides enough diversity to keep you exploring for days. And if you want to explore other places, we even offer a ‘’taxi-boat’’ service.